The word ‘conveyancing’ is most commonly used to describe the  transfer of ownership of land by sale or purchase and technically they would not be wrong in doing so. However there are many other matters which can also within the remit of conveyancing, for example:-

  • Transfers of Equity;

Adding someone to the title to your Property
Removing someone from the title to your Property

  • Deed of Surrender and re-grant
  • Placing a Charge over the title e.g. by way of mortgage or other charge
  • Placing Cautions and Restrictions  on the title (and removing them)
  • Lease Extension and Enfranchisement
  • Grant of  Legal Easement
  • HM Land Registry services, including:
    Supplying Official Copies of Register Entries  (supplied in PDF format )
    Supplying Official Copies of Title Documents – including Lease (supplied in PDF format)
  • Landlord and Tenant Services, including; Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreements and Inventories
  • Severing a Joint Tenancy
  • Probate sales, including Property clearances and estate management.
  • Dealing with a Repossession

This list is not exhaustive, please do discuss your individual circumstances with us.

Please also see our ‘General Advice and Other Services’ Page


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Infodoc Joint Ownership
Infodoc Severing a Joint Tenancy


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