In the common law, a Will or Testament is a document by which a person (the Testator) regulates the rights of others over his or her property or family after death.  There are lots of good financial reasons for making a will:

  • you can decide how your assets are shared out – if you don’t make a will, the law says who gets what,
  • if you aren’t married or in a civil partnership (whether or not it’s a same sex relationship) your partner will not inherit automatically – you can make sure your partner is provided for and prevent the death of one partner creating serious financial problems for the remaining partner
  • if you’re divorced or if your civil partnership has been dissolved you can decide whether to leave anything to an ex-partner who’s living with someone else.

Your circumstances are individual and we will discuss your specific requirements with you.

Talk to us about;

  • Wills drafted to protect the interests of vulnerable people e.g. using special disabled trusts
  • Wills which can help to protect your estate from third parties and complex family arrangements
  • Wills drafted to meet your other asset protection requirements are also available

Probate Services

When a person dies somebody has to deal with their estate (money property and possessions left) by collecting in all the money, paying any debts and distributing what is left to those people entitled to it.

Probate is the court’s authority, given to a person or persons to administer a deceased person’s estate and the document issued by the Probate service is called, a ‘Grant of Probate’ or, where there the deceased has left no will, ‘Letters of Administration’

A grant is usually required by the asset holders as proof to show the correct person or persons have the probate service’s authority to administer a deceased person’s estate.

A large number of us do not believe we are capable of dealing with obtaining a grant of probate, when often, all we really need is to be walked through the process.  For this reason we offer a bespoke probate and post death administration service, again ‘hand crafted to suit your individual needs’ which we will discuss directly with you.


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